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Michele Bell

The circles of master photographers such as James J. KriegsmannPeter HurleyJeff Connell (Camera 1)Valerie SchoolingJohn Conroy to name a few that I have been able to develop my skills as a photographer working within the industry for over 20 years. As a prolific creative artist, I am inspired by world renowned photographer George Hurrell. George portrays a Boudoir Photography style in a classic theme. My passion is to create a one of a kind capture which represents classic sophistication and eternal beauty in each image.

Originally from upstate New York I began to model as a teenager with Barbara Thomas Modeling in the Capital Region and Talent which intuitively led me to New York City. As a full scale artist, my reputation as an Onsite Hair and Makeup Artist has given me the knowledge to enhance the beauty, character or story behind my lens. No matter what theme of photography, my natural instinct and experience is golden in todays boudoir photography.

My distinctive approach to life has made me inspired to see the world as though I were looking through a lens. This allows me to comfortably empower my clients and models while I allure the classic image we captivate together. The result is: a unique individual look.

My travels are between the Caribbean, New York City and beyond

I invite you to tell your story through my lens,,, because you deserve more than conventional.

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In the on-going quest to support breast cancer education and awareness, Michele will hold survivors boudoir photography session to help women who have suffered this terrible disease. Michele has worked with many cancer survivors in the past, who naturally wish to see themselves in their best light and want to feel confident about their bodies once again. For women who have had a mastectomy, feeling comfortable again in your own skin can be a challenge. Getting boudoir photography taken is a huge self-confidence booster for any woman, especially those who have been through such a difficult experience. Contact

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