Wedding Makeup Tips

You would like to look your best on your wedding day. To enhance your beauty and give a natural glow to your face, you can depend on makeup. A make up free face looks dull in a photograph, especially … [Read more...]

Wedding Makeup Artist

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Wedding Photography Trends

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Boudoir Photography is the Perfect Gift

Boudoir Photography has gained popularity in recent years. Some nearlyweds are still a bit hazy on what Boudoir is, and some aren't sure if they'd be comfortable taking the plunge in a racy Boudoir … [Read more...]

Makeup Artist for Brittany Murphy

“She had too many drugs and too little food,' said a makeup artist who had worked with her, adding that she sometimes 'nodded off' in front of her." A makeup artist said Murphy dabbled too much in … [Read more...]

This Week’s True New Yorker Interview The Five Outsiders Michele Bell Makeup Artist

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