Makeup Setting Spray for Wedding Makeup

The Best Makeup Setting Spray for Wedding Makeup

If you’ve ever wondered how beauty queens and celebrities manage to look freshly made up even hours after they’ve hit the the red carpet, makeup setting sprays are a big part of the answer. I’m so excited to talk about one of my many secrets for long lasting makeup for Brides to Be. Makeup Setting Sprays have been used on traditional makeup application in Hollywood, Film and TV since Black and White television.
Kryolan is a professional brand and their DermaColor Fixing Spray definitely delivers professional industrial results. The difference between this and the other setting sprays I have compared is that it just works, and for a lot longer too! It’s also the only setting spray I know that will make your makeup waterproof and smudge-proof. No greasy residue while your dancing or on those hot summer months.

This was my routine for touching up my own makeup as a teenager: about an hour after applying makeup, I would could start to look greasy.  At the very least, I’d use blotting papers like these, but most of the time I’d also dust some compact powder over the top to keep my face looking relatively matte. It wasn’t a ton of work, but I’d end up doing this every hour or so (my skin was pretty oily as a teen particularly in the summer).

So my routine on all my Brides: I use DermaColor Fixing Spray, my holy grail makeup setting spray, to finish makeup applications. That’s it! You don’t need to touch up at all! I can be completely confident that the makeup will look freshly applied at the end of the day or night. Having the right tools is a complete MUST in a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist kit for Weddings in areas that are muggy or humid, especially New York City in August in Central Park! Yikes! Or how about Getting Married in Saratoga Springs New York during racetrack season? Even Mary Lou Whitney has been christened with my top secret makeup setting spray!

Makeup Setting Spray for Weddings

Makeup Setting Spray for Weddings


  • This is by far the best makeup setting spray I’ve ever used.
  • Compared to Model in a Bottle, Urban Decay All Nighter, and several of the Skindinavia formulas I’ve used over the years, Kryolan Fixing Spray is the only one that reliably sets my makeup until I remove it. With all the others, I need still need to touch up.
  • It waterproofs your makeup and makes it smudge-proof.
  • It’s easily to remove with soap and water.
  • It has SPF 20


  • It’s not as comfortable to apply as most setting sprays because it comes in an aerosol can (like hairspray) which has a pretty concentrated stream. DermaColor Fixing Spray doesn’t feel refreshing when you apply it like liquid setting sprays do.
  • It’s difficult to find.
  • You’ll probably want to cover your hair when you’re applying this. The first time I used this, I got a lot in my hair and it felt really crunchy. Now I cover my hair with a towel.


Kryolan DermaColor Fixing Spray just works. It’s perfect for photography and special events like weddings because your makeup won’t budge until you remove it and it will be waterproof and smudge-proof.