Pageant Makeup Artist and Hairstyling

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NPC USA Bodybuilding, Figure, Men and Women’s Physique and Bikini Championships

Dance, Pageants, Fitness Competitions & All Events

Look Like a Winner! You put in all the hard work getting ready for the stage, now relax and let me handle the details of giving you the perfect look for the stage!

FYI:  Matching eyeshadow to your suit.  This is INCREDIBLY outdated and in the 80’s I would say… that’s RAD, but in 2013, don’t do this. Hire a Pro!

Not blending makeup properly (especially on the eyes)… I say it OVER AND OVER, blending is key.  You should not be able to tell where one color starts and where another stops.  Hire a Pro!

  Pageant and Stage Hair and Makeup Artist

For stage:  Being concerned with where the light is, is paramount. Don’t use too much shimmer unless you want to look like a disco ball–the light will pick up on those shimmery spots.  Shimmery shadow is more forgiving to work with but using shimmer from lash line to brow bone is tremendously out of fashion.

Bodybuilding, fitness, figure and bikini events are obviously about muscle, but there is another issue that must also be addressed; presentation. Presentation is an intangible object that carries a heavier weight than a new competitor may ever imagine. Even makeup, for female athletes, plays an important role in presentation.

There is no other Fitness, Dance and Bodybuilding Competition Makeup Artist and Hair stylist that can boast of a better Client List or more experience doing glamorous makeup and hair styles than Michele. Even so, you will find her prices very competive and when you book with her you know that the person who looks out for you on the day of your very special event. Michele’s work is deemed as quality not quantity, she is not a Makeup Artist Mill, she takes pride in her work. For the last 5 years Michele has had the pleasure of working with select Fitness Competitors and this year she will attend the show for a two day event. Some of Michele’s client list includes Tosca Reno, Candice John, Laressa Reis, Diana Harbort and many more!

Michele is a mature, seasoned Creative Artist that has many years under her belt magically creating hair and stage makeup artist designs for fitness competitors, body building competitors, team arnold, pageant competitors, backstage fashion shows and television beside her solid background in the wedding industry. You can be sure will Bell “on hand” a trophy will be given!

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Watch this video of IFBB Pro Diana Harbort from last years NPC

NPC Team Universe Hair and Makeup Artist

Here is another video from Michele’s Fitness Hair and makeup Clients

NPC Team Universe Makeup Artist

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Michele will travel with her team of Bella Babes to ANY Fitness Competition so that you acquire the BEST and MOST ESTABLISHED Pageant Makeup Artist in Competitions such as Team Arnold, NABBA, #NPC, #NANBF Pro Body Solutions, ABA and NANBF. More details of Competition list can be seen at Promoter: Gary Udit Promoter: Steve Karel / Pam Betz Promoter: Jon Lindsay Promoter: Steve Weinberger Promoter: Pam Betz Promoter: Tres Bennett