Urge to Splurge on Your Wedding Day!

It is always amazing to me how many brides are willing to splurge on the dress, flowers, cake etc… but not willing to to indulge in an extravagant expense on hiring a makeup artist or hair to help them look their very best on their wedding day. Your wedding day is the one day you want to look as picture perfect as a celebrity. For this reason hiring a professional should be non-negotiable. Your hair, dress and everything else will not look as great if you don’t have a professional and experienced makeup artist highlight your best features and help to minimize your unflattering features.

I spent years doing wedding makeup early on in my career when I worked as a freelance makeup artist. I also did photo shoots and advertising on the side for top magazines, and I realized that the best wedding makeup was actually the same makeup tips and tricks that I used on top models for their photo shoot. The dynamics are the same, whether it be a wedding, or a top photo shoot. Pictures are being taken. It must stay on all day. The model/ bride wants to look beautiful, yet real.

Brides to Be Wedding makeup artist suggest to enhance your beauty on your special day,,,

  • If you are not a regular makeup wearer be prepared for your makeup artist to apply more makeup than normal, this is to ensure the camera gets a clear even picture of your skin and facial features.
  • Please do NOT match your makeup to your wedding colors. Makeup colors should complement your skin tone and eye color. Who can forget the pictures from the 1970’s with the blue dress and the blue eye shadow to match.
  • Consider how you want to look in your pictures 20 years from now, for this reason stay away from any makeup trends.
  • Book a trial makeup appointment with your makeup artist so you can both pre-select colors and discuss the perfect look for your wedding day.
  • Go all out with lashes. Individual lashes or strip lashes will help your eyes stand out in photos.
  • Consider getting a facial to help clear up any acne or breakouts. Stress from wedding plans can cause skin to break out more frequently.
  • Insist that your bridal party also get their makeup done, after all they will be in your pictures too. You want everyone to look their best. I will never forget the pictures I saw where one bridesmaid obviously decided to do her own makeup and wore a black lip liner. Unfortunately, that was the memorable thing in the brides’ photos.

You want to look beautiful, glowing, soft and romantic. Remember, this moment only happens once in a lifetime!

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