Wedding Makeup Tips

You would like to look your best on your wedding day. To enhance your beauty and give a natural glow to your face, you can depend on makeup. A make up free face looks dull in a photograph, especially when you are a bride decked up in a beautiful wedding gown, donning a gorgeous hairstyle. You may consider hiring professional help or you may do it yourself. Whatever you chose to do, it’s always better to know the basic wedding makeup tips.

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Wedding Makeup Tips

We have lined up a few bridal makeup tips that would help you with your makeup on your big day.

* Wearing good quality concealer, foundation, and powder will ensure a smoother and flawless finish.

* Steer clear of pink toned foundations, concealer and powders, regardless of your skin tone. Pink foundation looks fake, whilst

yellow tones look more natural to skin tone.

* Use concealer to cover the eye lid area and area under your eyes. Apply powder to set the concealer in place to ensure that your

eyes look fresh and the eye shadow lasts hours longer.

* Apply the foundation first and then the concealer. By doing do, you would not wipe your concealer off when

applying your foundation.

* Use loose powder to set your foundation and concealer.

* Ensure your eyebrows are well defined and shaped.

* Eye make-up is essential to add more definition and depth to the eyes and to highlight your natural eye color. Natural colors

of eye shadow applications are good to wear in the day whereas darker colors are suitable for evening ceremonies. For a more glamorous look, a smokey eye application works well.

* Wear waterproof mascara.

* Blushers are available in creamy and powdered form. You can use either of this to add shape and color to your face. Apply neutral shade of blusher under your cheek bones to add shape. For adding color to your face, use subtle pinks and peachy tones on the apple of your cheeks.

* For thin lips, use lighter or brighter shade of lipstick, but not darker. If you have fuller lips, you can be more flexible with lip colors. apply lip gloss to give your face a soft look.

* Keeping tissues handy, if at all you cry during the ceremony, tissues will help hold the tears and keep your makeup intact.

* After your wedding ceremony, touch up is essential. Let your bridesmaid carry a small bag of makeup essentials.

These wedding makeup tips are sure to make you a beautiful bride. Your wedding photographs are a constant reminder of how gorgeous you looked on the wedding day.

Wedding Makeup Tips